The Importance of an ASIC registered agent

You’d be surprised how common it is for Australian company directors to accidentally miss paying their annual filing fee invoice. Not only is this scenario super common, but it is also a massive stitch up! ⁠

Unlike the ATO, ASIC are unforgiving. If you miss a payment you will continue to be slapped with late fees until you pay. It is very rare that ASIC will consider wiping these late fees and even if you are successful, the process to request this is very tedious. ⁠ ⁠

Remember:  if your company is deregistered, you cannot legally trade!⁠

“Oh well, I want to deregister my company anyway so I’ll continue to avoid payment and ASIC can deregister my company as a result” -⁠
This is NOT the right attitude and it will backfire on you! If your company is deregistered because you did not settle your annual ASIC fee, this will go on record against your name. Should you go to set up another company down the line, you may encounter problems.⁠

Freshwater Taxation is a registered ASIC agent and we encourage all of our corporate clients to take advantage of this service. ⁠

As your registered ASIC agent we will:⁠
👉 Ensure your company annual filing fee is paid on time.⁠
👉 Prepare, organise for signature, and store your required annual company solvency minute.⁠
👉 Retain a signed copy of your corporate register on file.⁠
👉 Receive, pass on, and file any ASIC correspondence received on your company’s behalf.⁠
👉 Liaise with ASIC in relation to any required changes to company or director personal details eg addresses or shareholdings.⁠

Our annual fee for this service is payable along with your annual company filing fee renewal. Your ASIC invoice is to be settled via the BPAY details contained within the filing fees renewal notice that we will email to you. Our invoice will be emailed to you separately. Our annual fee is subject to a small periodic price rise.⁠

⁠When you engage Freshwater Taxation as your ASIC agent, you can rest easy knowing that you will never miss a filing fee invoice and that all your annual corporate compliance obligations will be adequately met.

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