Our Story

In early 2012, our managing director Sarah quit her job at a well-known accounting firm in the Sydney CBD in order to follow in the footsteps of her boss at the time and pursue her dream of starting her own business. Sarah advertised her services by walking around her local neighbourhood in Freshwater and depositing flyers into letterboxes. Client meetings were conducted at cafes or homes and tax returns were physically signed with a pen and paper!

Fast forward 10 years: Freshwater Tax has grown to become one of the most reputable online accounting firms in Australia. Located across 3 states, we are now a team of six- renowned for our outstanding customer service, specialised knowledge and ability to think strategically. Our goal is to show you that keeping on top of your financial affairs is far easier and enjoyable than you imagined possible. Regardless of your situation and requirements, our friendly team will help you thoroughly understand your unique tax situation – from the comfort of your own home!