Prepare My Tax Return Now!

By submitting your details to us here you authorise us to prepare your personal income tax return and to add you as our client with the Australian Taxation Office.

Once added, we will be able to access most of your income information including any PAYG Payment Summaries lodged by employers with the ATO, interest income information, and in most cases information on dividend and similar income. Generally we would also be able to see your private health insurance information. (Unless you are submitting to us very early on in the new financial year. In this case we would ask that you include your statement with your submission as often funds have not yet had the chance to submit this information over to the ATO).


Important Note:

Please gather your tax information and summaries together prior to starting your online submission with us. You are welcome to type your total income and expense categories directly into this submission. Alternatively you might prefer to attach an excel file or invite us to your bookkeeping file if relevant.

If you own a business, you will be prompted for a list of your income and expenses. If you have a bookkeeping file such as MYOB / Xero; you are welcome to either invite us to view your file; or email us your accounting reports (whichever is easier for you). Please remember that is you are registered for GST that the figures you provide us should be “net” of GST. (Excluding).

You will be prompted for a summary of total rental income and all associated expenses including council rates, water rates, property agent fees, strata, repairs & maintenance, depreciation ( if you had a depreciation report prepared ), sundry, electricity, travel to see rental property, mortgage interest etc.

If you use a property agent, they will be able to provide you with a summary that summarises most of these costs (generally electricity, council rates and mortgage interest are not included in agent statements).

In conjunction with the information provided by the ATO, along with the information that you fill out on our form; we are then able to draft up your tax return and email it back to you for approval.

Once happy with the return, you can then digitally approve the tax return for lodgement with the ATO.

If we have any queries during this process, we either phone or email you to discuss.

Unless specifically requested, we do not generally need to cite invoices / receipts. However, you must have have these on hand in the event of an ATO audit. You are welcome to scan and attach anything to us that you would like us to view and save for you.

As we draft up your return, we will advise you if we think there is a particular deduction that we think you are entitled to that has not been included (so that we can include in your return).

Our fees start from $169 + GST for a basic tax return based on around 1-2 hours of time. Generally a small return would not take more than 2 hours of time.

View our schedule of fees and procedure here for more information. We strongly encourage you to review our fees and procedure before submitting your information with us for tax preparation.

Should you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Unfortunately at this time this form only works in Chrome, Safari and Firefox. We recommend installing Chrome which can be downloaded here. Alternatively you can download our manual form here. Thank you.