Company, Trust & Partnership Tax Procedure

Our Company, Trust and Partnership Tax Return Procedure

In order for our team to prepare your company, trust or partnership tax return and/or financial statements we first need some information from you. This information includes: your business name and relevant contact details, information on your business income and expenses; as well as your signed authority approving us to assist on your income tax affairs. We like to capture as much information as possible from you about your business at the outset in order that we have the full picture of your situation.

We now offer two means through which you can submit this information through to us:

  1. Sign up for a free secure company, trust or partnership account via our website. From here you can quickly and easily send your tax return requests through to our team. From your user account you can also download handy tax resources and view prior year tax submissions.
  2. Download, complete and email through our simple to use editable PDF form available on the company, trust and partnership pages of our site. Not a fan of filling out forms? There is absolutely no need to repeat your basic information / information that you know we will already have on file.
A note on Financial Statements
In the majority of cases, it is impossible to accurately finalise annual tax affairs without these being prepared. Company directors have a responsibility to be able to present an accurate picture of business position and performance at any point in time. Without Financial Statements, this is far more difficult.
Next Steps
When we receive your company, trust, or partnership submission we will setup your annual tax file and organise all reports ready for your tax affairs. We require a 50% up front deposit on all company, trust and partnership tax tasks. This deposit is payable via our website or, you may opt to have our admin team email you a copy of your deposit invoice. Once your deposit has been settled our team will begin work. We aim to take no longer than 7-14 days to finalise your entity tax return with financial statements. Our team are very hands on and we will therefore be in touch with you throughout this process. Once completed, your income tax return and financial statements will be emailed to you for your review and digital signature. Provided that you are happy with the information you are sent, you can then digitally approve your tax work for lodgement. We would at this point lodge the return with the ATO. If we have any queries during this process, we of course give you a call to discuss / or email a list of questions. Unless requested by a member of our team, we do not generally need to cite invoices and receipts. You must retain these within your personal tax records. You are welcome to scan and attach anything to us that you would like us to view and save for you.
Do the GST laws apply to me?
When we organise your tax affairs, we review your situation in depth. We will therefore advise if we think you need to be registered and why. If a registration is required, we will work with you to select the correct date of registration and ensure that your situation is completely sorted.
Will you prepare my personal return as well?
We strongly recommend that we prepare your personal tax return along with your company, trust, or partnership return. The purpose of this is to ensure that your tax position overall is maximised and that your situation as a whole is accounted for properly. If possible, we ask that you use a different email address for each entity / individual submitted through our system.

Many thanks for taking the time to review our company, trust and partnership tax procedure.

Should you have any queries: